About SentryCorp, LLC

Along with the late Virginia "Ginny" Alexander, another group insurance veteran,
Georgia H. Massey founded SentryCorp, LLC in response to the demand for qualified, professional group insurance trustee services.

In Memoriam
Virginia "Ginny" Alexander
1941 - 2003

As the principal of SentryCorp, LLC, Georgia is extremely familiar with the specific and unique needs of all types of group insurance trusts for life, health and annuities, including multiple employer, multiple association and other general or discretionary trusts.

Georgia has over 40 years of group insurance industry experience, working for major insurance firms such as CNA, Cal-Western Life and Union Fidelity Life Insurance. She's also worked on the regulatory side for states such as Nevada and Alaska.

With over 40 years of insurance industry experience, Georiga and SentryCorp, LLC take pride in offering the special services to group insurance trust providers.

We personally welcome the opportunity to work with you on your group insurance trust program.

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