Group Insurance Trustee Services

Group Insurance Trustee services at low cost is our only business!

If you're looking for a qualified trustee for your Group Insurance Trust or Multiple Employer Plan, consider SentryCorp, LLC, a pre-eminent group insurance trustee that offers both best practices in all areas of group trustee services and advantages:

  • Full-Service Group Insurance Trustee / Dry Trust Services

    Our entire business is focused on providing you with the most experience, service and expertise in the area of group insurance trusts, more commonly known as dry trusts. All we do is act as a trustee for various group life, health and annuity insurance trusts.

  • Group Insurance Trust Consulting Services

    If you need assistance creating or refining a group insurance trust, take advantage of our expertise to help you design trusts that not only meet the needs of your policyholders but also comply with Federal, state and local regulations.

  • Situs State Services

    If you are looking for a situs state for your new trust, or a change in trustee services for a trust you now have, let us know.

  • New and Successor Trustee Services

    In addition to serving as the Trustee for your newly-developed group insurance trust, we can also assume the trustee services for existing trusts, should you need a successor trustee.

  • Low service fees

    Because SentryCorp, LLC specializes in providing only trustee services for group insurance trusts, we can do so for a service fee that is very likely less than what most banking institutions charge.

    And we don't "nickel-and-dime" you, either. Our annual service fee includes all trustee services as required under the terms of the trust agreement.

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